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Brand: VOLKL
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The Volkl Deacon 84 Skis with Lowride XL 13 FR GW Bindings is part of Volkl's "frontside" collection, its width and overall performance really feels more like an all-mountain ski with strong frontside capabilities. At 84- millimeters underfoot and uses mostly camber, it does employ some subtle tip and tail rocker. Volkl's 3D Radius means you get a tighter turn radius underfoot, with longer radii in the tips and tails to reduce catching and allow for different turn shapes. The engineering behind this ski is impressive and is reflected in its construction. 3D.Ridge is combined with Titanal Frame, providing a strong feel on edge, but with a lighter feel than skis with full sheets of metal. This ski loves to be on edge and rail turns. On-piste skiers will love the stability and edge grip, but the width and lighter feel gives it some versatility too. It's snappy, energetic and grippy on firm snow, but it's very capable in soft snow too. While it may not be the greatest floater, it certainly can hold its own in a few inches of fresh and will absolutely devour crud and late afternoon chop once things get skied out. Overall, the Volkl Deacon 84 Skis with Lowride XL 13 FR GW Bindings is a fantastic all-mountain ski that can be enjoyed by a wide range of skiers with a width and shape that allows for front side domination and some off-piste adventures too.

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