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The Royal is designed for riders who want a forgiving flex and edge catch free riding experience. Built with the nimble yet supple Contract Rocker profile for maximum butter-ability and the versatile confidence that Bamboo HotRods provide, the Royal is pure all-mountain glee.

  • Twin Single – A single HotRod in the board’s nose and tail; pressable yet poppy.
  • Bamboo HotRods – Thin rods of bamboo are milled into the board’s core starting just inside the insert packs and extending into the nose and / or tail. Bamboo HotRods are very pressable and playful.
  • Biax Glass – Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be torsionally more playful and pressable.
  • Impact Extruded Base – Super durable and easy to fix, made with Isosport base materials.


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