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In the world of all-mountain versatility and frontside expertise, the Blizzard Brahma 82 Skis represent a perfect balance of both attributes. At 82mm underfoot, the Brahma 82 is the narrowest ski in Blizzard’s all-mountain lineup and offers the best frontside performance out of the series. Built from a blend of poplar and beech reinforced by two sheets of titanal, the Brahma 82 remains just as rugged and tough as its wider counterparts but with a bit more agility in its ride. Its narrower shape and strategic flex pattern aid in such nimbleness, while a 16.5-meter turn radius gives the Brahma 82 the boost it needs to carve like a race ski without sacrificing its all-mountain pedigree. The resulting ride is snappy, powerful, and precise, with an unmatched air of versatility that allows the Brahma 82 to stand out from any all-mountain crowd. Though an unrivaled contender for on-piste excellence, the Brahma 82 ventures far beyond the corduroy to endow advanced and expert skiers with a merciless ride in bumps, steeps, trees, and even the most technical terrain. Thus, the Blizzard Brahma 82 Skis earn their rightful title as one of the most sought-after all-mountain skis on the market today—presenting ambitious rippers with an impeccable balance between versatility, precision, and some good old fashioned fun.

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