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Wide-footed skiers rejoice, as the Tecnica Mach1 HV 120 Ski Boots have been created with your needs in mind. These boots are here to deliver high-performance skiing without compromising on comfort, making them a standout choice for skiers with wider, high volume feet.

The Mach1 HV 120 is built for advanced skiers who demand power and precision in their skiing equipment. The full throttle polyurethane shell design provides exceptional performance and responsiveness. When you're pushing your limits and tackling challenging terrain, these boots offer the support and control you need to elevate your skiing game.

One notable feature of the Mach1 HV 120 is the fiberglass T.Drive rear spine that connects the cuff and shell. This design element enhances the boot's overall performance and ensures that your movements translate directly to your skis. Gone are the days when wide boots were synonymous with "comfort" but lacked the capabilities required by advanced skiers.

The flex rating of 120 strikes the perfect balance for experienced skiers who appreciate responsiveness and precision in their turns. These boots are ideal for those who want to explore a variety of terrain and conditions while maintaining control and stability.

The Tecnica Mach1 HV 120 Ski Boots redefine what's possible for wide-footed skiers, offering high-performance features that were once exclusive to narrower models. If you're an advanced skier seeking a boot that matches your skills and fits your wider feet comfortably, the Mach1 HV 120 is your perfect match.


Sizing: Last: 103 mm – A wide last designed for out-of-the-box all-day comfort, especially for those with wider feet.

C.A.S. Shell: The C.A.S. shell has an anatomical shape that matches the foot shape, allowing for a better out-of-the-box fit. Dimples on the shell reduce surface tension and facilitate the thermo customization process, making it easier for a bootfitter to modify the shell to fit your foot.

C.A.S. Tongue: The C.A.S. Tongue can be thermoformed in a few minutes to perfectly match the shape of your shin.

Flex: Flex: 120 – A stiff flex for expert or heavier skiers who require quick rebound and ski response.

Liner: Performance C.A.S. Liner – The C.A.S. liners are anatomically shaped for optimal comfort and great heel hold. The dual-density micro-cell material is durable, easy to customize, and has a low pack-out rate, maintaining a great fit over a longer period of time. The liner also features Celliant® insulation for improved thermal regulation and faster recovery.

Shell Materials & Design:

  • Shell: C.A.S. Polyurethane
  • Cuff: Polyester with Over-injected Back Spine
  • Quick Instep – The instep material is softer, making stepping in and out easy and avoiding unnecessary pain, especially at low temperatures.
  • Asymmetric Power Transmission – The inside of the boot is made with thicker plastic to increase support where needed, providing more lateral power transmission and increased edge grip.


  • Double Canting Screwed
  • 12˚ Forward Lean

Buckles: 4 Aluminum Micro-Adjustable Buckles

Power Strap: 45mm Power Strap

Bootboard & Footbed: C.A.S. Boot Board – Removable with plenty of thickness for grinding and a grid pattern for reference.

Sole: GripWalk ISO 23223 Soles

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