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Dependable performance for all-mountain mastery

We're back at it again with the Warden and we have to say we like the clean graphics on this one. If you are looking for a bang for buck board that works well for the progressing rider right up to the snowboarder that sends it, the Rome Warden is still a board that is respected as one the top tier first all-mountain boards that you can own.

It has a forgiving flex so that you can learn the foundations of proper snowboarding, but once you have earned your turns you will be rewarded with cheeky grins. Wanna learn to carve? This board has you covered. Want to try out some side hits? This board has enough snap to have you boosting without breaking your leg. 

  • Bamboo hotrods for a playful, pressable feel
  • Stompcore is Rome's super durable, workhorse of a core
  • Powerslide base is our high-end, durable, ‘faster than you expect’ extruded base
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